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Where we store our greatest treasures

Traditional work processes meet modern working methods

From the grape to the wine

From the grape to the wine

It isn’t just in the vineyard where we rely on manual work – in the cellars too we take great care to ensure that the grapes are handled as gently as possible. Many hours and teamwork are needed to do justice to the high quality standards of our winery. In our cellar, tradition and innovation are combined with knowledge, vision and care to create high quality and authentic wines.

Less is more

Less is more

We strongly believe this as the character of the grapes must also still be recognisable in the wine glass. The wine has to find its own way. Traditional working practices meet modern and gentle methods, so as to protect what lies closest to our hearts: wines that speak of their origins.

60 %

varieties of grape are turned into fine red wines

1 , 3

million 70cl bottles filled per year


indigenous grape varieties grow in our vineyards

40 %

of our grape varieties are turned into fine white wines

From job to calling

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