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Our Chief Wine Maker
Stefan Kapfinger

Professional experience and passion

From job to calling

From job to calling

For Chief Wine Maker Stefan Kapfinger, in the beginning it was only a job. But his daily work soon became a passion - his calling! Plenty of patience, intuition, sensitivity, experience and passion are needed to turn grapes into authentic wines. Simply authentic, simply in love with wine. Our Chief Wine Maker, Stefan Kapfinger, accompanies the wine on its journey as sensitively as possible. He is a champion of originality and authenticity and concentrates on the essential when it comes to making the wine: high quality, authentic and idiosyncratic wines whose origin is clearly identifiable.

After all, each of our bottles should be a special experience!

With each new harvest the grapes offer me a new challenge and the opportunity to create exquisite wines. Each part of the bunch of grapes has its own personality that has to be specifically catered to.

Stefan Kapfinger, Chief Wine Maker


wine ranges represent our winery

> 25

years of experience noticeable in every mouthful


different wines are produced in the winery


Chief Wine Maker who works on our wines with passion and enthusiasm

When quality is rewarded

Palms meet snow-covered 3000-meter-high mountains

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