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One winery –
two growing areas

Two wine growing areas offer exciting contrasts

The Meraner Land region and the Vinschgau

The Meraner Land region and the Vinschgau

Our winery unites two especially diverse wine growing areas. The Meraner Land region and the Vinschgau provide exciting contrasts. The Vinschgau is characterised by extreme alpine weather conditions, with high temperature fluctuations between day and night and extraordinarily steep vineyards with poor soils up to an elevation of 900 metres above sea level. In contrast, around the town of Merano the landscape is sunny and fruitful with gentle rolling hills and cypresses, palms and a Mediterranean atmosphere.

Palms meet snow-covered 3000-meter-high mountains

Palms meet snow-covered 3000-meter-high mountains

The growing areas around Merano and in the lower Vinschgau are situated in a geographically advantageous location: nestling in a protected spot at the heart of the Alps, sheltered by the high mountain chain of the Texel Group in the north, with access to the south, different varieties of grapes flourish here. The location, soil structure and climatic conditions are checked with knowledge and care with a view to finding the ideal place for each variety, for every vine.

This is how an astonishingly diverse and exciting wine repertoire comes into being.


different wine-producing areas ensure maximum quality

300 - 900

metres of altitude make for the optimal location

> 1940

hours of sunshine per year ensure the ideal ripening conditions


varieties of grape are turned into fine wines

Many steps & genuine passion

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