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We stand for passion
and authenticity

Through the commitment of the winegrowers to high quality wine

The passion of our winegrowers is the secret of our wines

The passion of our winegrowers is the secret of our wines

We are deeply committed winegrowers. Careful work, stamina and discipline are essential. The time-intensive and demanding work is what have defined us since the very beginning, as well as a deep-seated love of our vineyards. United, we all contribute to the success of our winery. The vineyards are part of our home, a part of us. For generations the calling of winegrower has been passed on and exemplified by our families. Our young people follow the call with pride and enthusiasm. The knowledge and experience of the older generation combines with the fresh and innovative ideas of the younger one. Our passion is the secret of our wines.

We are “grape whisperers” with a passion!

My father bequeathed his love of grapes to me. He inherited the knowledge from his father, who in turn was shown the ropes by his father. The vineyard keeps a bit of all of us in it.

Josef Ladurner, Maso Berger - Lagundo/Plars

I would not like to do without the familiar view of the vines and my home.

Josef Menz, Maso Schickner - Marlengo

When I am standing in the vineyard, I’m home.

Richard Dosser, Maso Baumann - Scena

“When the grape harvest has at last been completed and the work begins in the winery, then we are very happy to raise a glass of wine to celebrate the job being done and drink to future success.” 

Martin Brunner, Maso Sittner - Merano

After a year of hard work, it is an indescribable satisfaction to hold every single grape once again in one’s hand, almost to say farewell, before delivering them to the winery - like a well-protected treasure.

Michael Haller, Maso Rainer - Parcines


members of Cantina Merano Winery since the merger


hectares of vineyard are cultivated by our winegrowers

100 %

dedication is essential for making high quality wines


goal of satisfying our customers to the best of our abilities

Many steps & genuine passion

Palms meet snow-covered 3000-metre-high mountains

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