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We stand for tradition and quality

Tradition and passion in the winery

Cantina Merano Winery - a success story

Cantina Merano Winery - a success story

Here at the Cantina Merano Winery we are deeply rooted in our land. Tradition, the landscape and wine growing have all been closely interlinked in the Meraner Land region since time immemorial. The first building block in the foundation of our winery cooperative was laid as long ago as 1901 by just a few winegrowers. Nowadays, after the merger of the Burggräfler and Merano wineries in 2010, our cooperative numbers about 360 members. Only with their support was it possible to undertake the building work to successfully renovate and extend the Cantina Merano Winery in Marling.

Its reopening in June 2013 heralded a new era.

What we stand for...

What we stand for...

Quality in the vineyard, quality at work and quality in the wine glass are our utmost priorities. It should always be possible to discern the origin and provenance of our grapes in the wine glass. For us, wine should remain true to its “roots”, because transparency, character and authenticity are what we are all about. This makes every one of our bottles a special experience.


founding of the Burggräfler Winery in Marlengo


founding of the Cantina Merano Winery in Merano


merger of the two traditional wineries


mainstay of wine growing in western South Tyrol

Our finest treasures mature here

We stand for passion and total dedication

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