Wine glossary

A short A-to-Z of wine
  • Alcohol: during fermentation, the yeast turns the sugar into ethyl alcohol and carbon dioxide.
  • Barrique: a small wooden barrel (225 litres) made of French oak.
  • Bouquet: the harmonic development of the olfactory notes of a wine.
  • Burggrafenamt: the region extending from Andriano to Naturno and including Merano and the surrounding villages. The term comes from the medieval counties over which the counts and burgraves of Tyrol ruled.
  • Cuvée: a blend of different varieties to produce a new composition.
  • Decanting: the careful pouring of the wine into a carafe, recommended for older red wines where a deposit has formed or to allow heavier, younger reds to breathe.
  • D.O.C./ D.O.P.: Denominazione di Origine Controllata / Protetta. A legally protected denomination of origin that guarantees the origin and quality of Italian wines.
  • Finish: the persistence or length of a wine on the palate after it has been swallowed.
  • Fruit: the development of an aroma that recalls various fruits.
  • I.G.T.: Indicazione Geografica Tipica. Since 1995, the denomination of origin for table wines.
  • Location: the geographical position of the vineyard.
  • Marc: the pressed grapes.
  • Maturation: aging of the wine in a wooden barrel or stainless steel tank.
  • Oenologist: a wine expert.
  • Passito: the production process for late vintage wines. The grapes are dried after the harvest (e.g. the Passito “Sissi”) and only pressed once the volume has been considerably reduced.
  • Pergel (pergola): traditional vine training system where the vine grows up a wooden framework and the shoots form a sort of roof (pergola) as they grow out along overhead wires. Especially used for Vernatsch vines.
  • Residual sugar: unfermented fruit sugars.
  • Riserva: wine that is aged for several years in wooden barrels. The qualifying time for each variety is governed by law.
  • Steel tank: a tank for fermenting the must (grape juice) and aging the wine at a controlled temperature.
  • Törggelen: a South Tyrolean autumn tradition of tasting the new wine and enjoying farmhouse specialities.
  • Training system: an overall term for the different modern forms of climbing assistance for vines.
  • Vintage wine: a wine made from grapes that are all, or primarily, grown and harvested in a single specified year.
  • Wooden barrel: traditional wooden containers for aging red and white wines. Large wooden barrels are used over many years and are taste-neutral.
  • Winery: a wine producing establishment.
  • Yeast: A micro-organism present on the skins of grapes that reacts with the sugars inside to produce ethyl alcohol in a process called fermentation.
  • Zymology: the science of fermentation in wine.

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