In the wine cellar – the refining of natural treasures

From the harvest to the glass. Cellar master – the art of the winemaker
The process that began in the vineyard is continued in the wine cellar. Each grape is harvested by hand and carefully checked. Only perfect grapes may be delivered. This quality is maintained and developed by careful processes and innovative cellar technology, as well as through the experience, feelings and intuition of the cellar master. An awareness of the correct location for the grape varieties, the selective manual work in the vineyards and the careful aging in steel or wooden barrels all form the basis for the philosophy of the Meran Burggräfler Winery.
Cellar master Stefan Kapfinger is a master of his trade and an experienced wine expert. He sees himself as a “birth assistant” to the wine and shows a considerable reverence for Nature in his work. In the wine cellar he turns the grape juice into aromatic, crisp and refreshing white wines and elegant, balanced, full-bodied red wines with a low tannin content.
The radical reduction in yields and the climatic advantages has produced the conditions for making first-class premium wines here. The cellar master adds the finishing touches and understands how to express the advantages of each variety in the wine. The Alpine mountain wines of the winery’s range reflect this understanding with their fresh vigour and seductive liveliness.

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