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Moscato Giallo Rarity South tyrol

Mitterberg Bianco Passito IGT "Sissi" 2019

The original nutmeg aroma of the Moscato Giallo meets intense, fruity scents of the Petit Manseng grapes and the floral and tropical hints of the Traminer aromatico in this golden sweet nectar - named after the erstwhile Empress Elisabeth “Sisi”. Only a few sites have the potential to leave the grapes to ripen until the leaves fall from the vine. In so doing, through the natural process of evaporation, they lose volume and weight, and their sugar content increases. In favourable weather conditions, the berries are also affected by noble rot, which lends the wine a unique aroma. A concentrated temptation of apricots, vanilla and nutmeg with unique longevity. 

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Moscato Giallo 70%, Petit Manseng 20% and Traminer Aromatico 10%

Growing Areas:

Cermes, Lana, Marlengo, Merano, 

350 - 500 m


light, permeable morainic

Age of vines:

10 - 20 years


The hand-picked grapes dry for 2 months in small boxes. It follows the alcoholic fermentation and aging on the fine lees for about 12 months in steel tanks and in tonneaux.

Tasting notes from our winemaker:

The colour is a golden yellow with a greenish shimmer. The bouquet is rich, reminiscent of citrus fruits, rose petals, apricots and vanilla. Sweet, dense and persistent.

Wine & Food:

as aperitif and dessert wine, with mature blue cheeses and traditional South Tyrolean desserts, such as “Strudel” and “Marillenknödel”

Shelf life:

15 years +

Serving temperature:

8 - 10°C

Analysis - Vintage 2019:

ABV:                         12,0 %
TOTAL ACIDITY:       9,3 g/l


2015: Doctor Wine 2019: 91/100
2016: I Vini di Veronelli 2019: 3 Stelle
2016: Vitae 2020: 4 Viti
2016: Doctor Wine: 91/100
2016: Vini buoni d'Italia: 4 Stelle + Corona 
2017: Vini buoni d'Italia 2021: 4 Stelle
2017: Vitae 2021: 4 Viti
2017: I vini di Veronelli 2022: 3 Stelle
2018: The WineHunter Award 2022: Gold
2018: Decander 2022: Silber
2018: Doctor Wine 2023: 95/100 + faccino
2018: Falstaff Wein Guide Italien 2023: 90/100
2018: I vini di Veronelli 2023: 3 Stelle (93/100)
2018: Vitae 2023: 3/4 viti
2018: Luca Maroni 2023: 98/100
2018: Gardini Notes.com 2022: 95+/100
2019: The WineHunter Award 2023: Gold
2019: Guida Prosit 2023: 3 Prosit
2019: Doctor Wine 2024: 94/100
2019: Falstaff Wein Guide Italien 2024: 91/100
2019: I vini di Veronelli 2024: Tre Stelle Oro
2019: Gault&Millau 2024: 3 Trauben
2019: wein.plus 2024: 91/100
2019: Eros Teboni | The Wine Journal 2024: 96/100

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