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Pinot Blanc Rarity South Tyrol Alto Adige

A.A. Pinot Bianco Riserva DOC "V Years" 2015

I had the idea many years ago of creating a great white wine Riserva that would spend five years maturing on fine yeast in the cellar. It was always important to me to test the winemaking possibilities of our leading white grape variety,” says cellar master, Stefan Kapfinger.
The grapes for this graceful meditation wine come from a single estate below Tyrol Castle. Great emphasis is placed on care and a love of detail during its production. The very best clones, meticulous yield regulation and the most elaborate craftsmanship are the credo here. After careful whole-cluster pressing and with natural sedimentation, this masterpiece is left to rest for one year in oak barrels and a further 4 years in steel barrels on fine lees. Only after over 5 years - as the name suggests - does this special wine find its way into the bottle.

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Vineyard range and rare vintages


Pinot Bianco

Growing Areas:


550 m


42 hl/ha


light, permeable morainic

Age of vines:

20 years


Delicate whole-cluster pressing with natural sedimentation. Fermentation and maturation in large oak casks and steel tanks for 12 months. Assemblage, further ageing on the fine lees in steel tanks for 4 years and storage in the bottle for 4 months.

Tasting notes from our winemaker:

APPEARANCE: brilliantly clear, vivid lemon yellow
IN THE NOSE: rich, very complex and manifold, notes of citrus fruits and herbs, lightly smoky
ON THE PALATE: harmonious, full-bodied, unique, with an endless final

Shelf life:

10 years +

Serving temperature:

12 - 14°C

Analysis - Vintage 2015:

ABV:                         14,0 %
TOTAL ACIDITY:       5,4 g/l


2011: I Vini di Veronelli 2018: 3 Stelle
2012: Bibenda 2019: 5 Grappoli
2012: Falstaff 2020: 94/100
2013: Vitae 2020: 4 Viti
2013: Doctor Wine 2020: 95/100
2013: Bibenda 2020: 5 Grappoli
2013: Falstaff 2020: 93/100
2013: The WineHunter Award 2020: Gold
2015: Falstaff 2021: 93/100
2015: Wein-Plus 2021: hervorragend (91 WP)
2014: Bibenda 2021: 5 Grappoli
2014: The WineHunter Award 2021: Gold
2015: I vini di Veronelli 2022: 3 Stelle (93/100)
2015: Bibenda 2022: 5 Grappoli
2015: The WineHunter Award 2022: Gold
2016: Bibenda 2023: 5 Grappoli
2016: Doctor Wine 2023: 94/100
2016: I vini di Veronelli 2023: 3 Stelle (93/100)
2016: Vitae 2023: 3,5/4 viti
2016: wein.plus 2023: 91/100
2016: The WineHunter Award 2023: Gold
2016: Falstaff Wein Guide Italien 2024: 94/100
2016: Gault&Millau 2024: 4 Trauben
2016: Mundus Vini 2024: Gold
2016: Weinwisser 2024: 17,5+/20
2016: Eros Teboni | The Wine Journal 2024: 94+/100
2017: Doctor Wine 2024: 94/100
2017: I vini di Veronelli 2024: Tre Stelle Oro
2017: wein.plus 2024: 90/100

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