Terroir & cultivation

Nature’s jigsaw puzzle – every variety has a preferred location
Terroir & cultivation: the wine as ambassador
Winegrowing reflects the interaction between nature and man and, over the centuries, has left its mark on the landscape in and around Merano. Terroir is a much-used term in the wine world and means more than just the geological nature of the soil. Geographical and climatic factors, combined with the human influences on the landscape, determine the character of a cultivation area.

Cellar master Stefan Kapfinger
has for years devoted himself to the idea of terroir. The uniqueness of each small vineyard in the cultivation area also gives expression to the wines of the different wine lines. By taking such fine details into account in the growing of the grape varieties, the Meran Burggräfler Winery and its grape growers succeed in producing full-bodied red wines with plenty of character and lively, fresh-fruity white wines.

Inch by inch, the grape growers have wrung fruitful ground from the mountains around Merano and in the Vinschgau and built terraces there. At altitudes of between 350 m and 800 m above sea level in South Tyrol’s western cultivation area, soil types and microclimates often differ from estate to estate: slopes with sparse soil in the Vinschgau, warm hilly locations in the countryside surrounding Merano, lush valley locations in the Merano basin. The geological nature of the soil changes from volcanic rock and residual soils of quartz, mica and lime to sandy marl.

Different microclimate zones offer specific advantages for certain varieties. Every grape variety has a preferred location where it can unfold its flavour and personality in full. Again and again, new conditions are being discovered that must be addressed individually by the grape growers and the cellar master of the Meran Burggräfler Winery to ensure top quality.

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