Wine production in Merano

Merano: from South Tyrolean spa town to protected winegrowing area
Winegrowing in the spa town of Merano
Merano (lying at altitudes from 325 m – 1000 m) has a very favourable location in climatic terms. In the north the Tessa Group, rising up to 3,300 metres, protects against cold winds. From the south come Mediterranean climatic influences. The open Adige Valley lets the mild temperatures penetrate further northwards, particularly in the spring and autumn. These benefits are reflected in a unique landscape between palms, cypresses, terraced sunny slopes, gentle hills between the Rivers Passirio and Adige: a wide valley basin centred on Merano with the snow-covered peaks in the background.

The terroir, the mild climate, the porous residual soils with a high gravel content on the slopes and sandy material on the valley floor together represent ideal conditions for winemaking. The idyllic healthy landscape thus produces elegant, balanced wines.

Winegrowing in the city of Merano itself extends along the famous Tappeiner Promenade (Lagrein, Vernatsch, Merlot) in the west up to the Zenoberg (Blauburgunder, Vernatsch) and in the east via Labers (Sauvignon, Gewürztraminer) up to the hill of Freiberg and Katzenstein (Merlot, Cabernet). Vernatsch and Merlot grapes grow especially well in the urban areas of the Merano basin.
The wines have a convincing presence, a pleasant acidity and palatability.
The protected DOC term “Südtirol Meraner” applies to all Vernatsch wines produced in and around the city.

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