Working in the vineyards

Skill, care and attention all distinguish the work of the grape growers over the course of the year
Working by hand in the vineyards and caring for the landscape
The work of the grape growers on the steep slopes and terrace locations is still today largely carried out by hand. The intricate care of the grapevines and the environmentally aware cultivation methods are also a valuable contribution to protecting the landscape. The grape growers also often therefore regard themselves as landscape gardeners. Divided into small plots, the structure of the vineyards in the city of Merano, on the terraces in the outlying villages and particularly in the Vinschgau all underline the attractions of the regional landscape.

Working by hand in the vineyards means a dialogue with Nature throughout the year. In the winter months, the vines are cut and then the shoots are bound to the wire frames. In spring pruning begins, with the farmers removing excess shoots and leaves throughout the summer so that more sunlight can reach the grapes. Each grape is examined with the utmost care. The quantity of ripening grapes in the vineyard is drastically reduced several times during the vegetation phases. From the middle of September to the middle of October, the fruits of this labour can finally be harvested. Harvesting the grapes is known locally as “wimmen”. The farmers then deliver the grapes to the cellar master, who completes the work in the wine cellar. The annual cycle in the vineyard closes with the subsequent winter pruning and maintenance of the training frames for the vines.

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