Wine Curiosities

Grape varieties originating in South Tyrol:

Vernatsch, Lagrein and Gewürztraminer vines are South Tyrol’s three native varieties. Vernatsch in particular shows off its fruity perfume and balanced, semi-dry taste notes in the mild climate of the Merano area. This major Merano variety enjoys DOC protection as “Südtirol ...  Read More

Historical aspects of winegrowing in South Tyrol:

South Tyrol is well-known as the oldest winegrowing region in the German-speaking area. The world’s oldest grapevine still grows at Katzenzungen Castle in Prissiano, near Merano. The Romans used wooden barrels here for the first time in place of the two-handled amphora made of clay. In the Middle Ages numerous German ...  Read More

The grape culture of Merano:

In the year 1702 a court decree specified that the Viennese imperial kitchen was only to be supplied with fruit and grapes from Merano. In the first half of the 19th century, as the city gradually became a place of residence for those in need of a cure from all over Europe, the Merano grape experienced a kind of renaissance with the ...  Read More

The Empress Sissi in Merano:

In the 19th century the climate and landscape inspired well-travelled nobles, artists and men of letters to take the cure in Merano. Soon honourable representatives of Europe’s high aristocracy were strolling along the Passirio Promenade and coming to take the cure in Merano. Some one hundred years after the visit of the ...  Read More

The Merano Grape Festival:

Always occurring on the third weekend of October, this is South Tyrol’s oldest and probably best-known harvest festival celebration. Since 1886 the city centre has filled with decorated floats, music, traditional costumes and thousands of merrymaking visitors. The celebration is accompanied each year by a wide programme of events. One ...  Read More


DOC or DOP means Denominazione di Origine Controllata/Protetta and stands for the controlled designation of origin of foods and beverages, in particular quality wines from Italy. The strict legal protection of DOC classification has since 1975 regulated important aspects of the growing, production and marketing of wine ...  Read More

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