Wine knowledge & Wine enjoyments

Enjoying wine

Enjoying wine properly requires a pleasant, calm atmosphere, best of all in a relaxed ambience, in good company, with suitable food. Strong perfumes, tobacco smoke and artificial room scents will hinder the sensitivity to the aroma of the wine. A fine wine, served at the correct temperature in the right glass, lends a festive and ...  Read More

Wine storage

Wines age best when the bottles are laid down at constant temperatures in a dark cellar. After transporting them the wines should if at all possible rest before they are opened in order to produce the full drinking pleasure. Mature wines should be prepared the day before, placing the bottle upright at room temperature.  Read More

The right glass

A wine glass should be made of the thinnest possible glass, with sufficient volume to allow the perfume notes of the wine to develop in contact with oxygen. The “bigger” the wine, the larger the glass. White wine glasses are usually smaller than red wine glasses.  Read More

Correct serving

The glass should not be overfilled so as to allow the aroma to develop properly. Elegant cool boxes are available for white wines. Red wine develops its full aroma in contact with oxygen at a pleasant room temperature. Older mature wines can be decanted into an elegant glass carafe in order to allow the wine to breathe and to remove the ...  Read More

Wine in cooking

Wine has long been used for cooking, whether in traditional farmhouse dishes or in sophisticated gourmet cuisine. Adding wine while cooking evaporates the alcohol. The cooking heat can however develop the aroma and tannins and lend certain foods a very individual tone. Typical South Tyrolean dishes in which wine is used include wine ...  Read More

Choosing the wine: which wine with which food?

Gourmets and experts have philosophised and argued for decades over the perfect combination of foods and wine. Each has their preferences. In principle, wines with fine aromas and taste notes are served with light, delicate foods. The tangier and more powerful the flavour, the more aromatic and full-bodied the wine: light red wines go ...  Read More
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